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Why is my mirror polishing outside in on MoT.


I have a D8F9 that I have got to the polishing stage again, I have polished with MoT the whole time.

After my first 90minutes I noticed the edges were polishing out first. I completely reset the lap even though contact looked really good. Another 180minutes of polishing on the new lap and I pass the laser test on the whole mirror except for the centre 30%. (two laps same issue, my centre squares flatten out about 3 fold from channel press squares to mirror pressed squares.)

With MoT I should be polishing from the centre out, I had issues with shoulders left behind in the hog. I returned to 220/400 and took those out once already, so I'm guessing its not shoulders.

Thinking TDE is caused by over run I have been running closer to 1/4 strokes over 1/3 strokes mostly on the polish stroke. But that's about it.

But I'm stumped as to why I am polishing from edge in... What are my most likely mistakes for a rookie here?


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