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Originally Posted by Tropo-Bob View Post
March 26th, 10.00am.

There is a new Region 2976, but to my mind, it is just part of the long chain of Region 2975. It appears much the same as yesterday with a very large spot, two medium/large spots and a number of small spots. There is Faculae in the area, which was not noticeable yesterday.

Region 2974 has a small and tiny spot. Yesterday, they were much more even in size, but not so today.
Thanks for the great reports Bob! I have mounted my old beaten up pair of 20x80mm binoculars on a tripod and observed the sun for the first time via projection method (only one side of the binocular works). Saw that group of sunspots near the limb that you mentioned. Awesome! Not exactly high tech but this will be my dedicated solar "scope" from now on. Keep the great solar reports comming! Cheers
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