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APM 12.5 HiFW, 9 amd 20mm XWA, 30mm UFF
Baader Morpheus 9, 12.5, 2 x 17.5
TV Naglers 3.5 T6, 9 T1, 16 T5
TV 18.2 Delite, 15 and 32 Plossl
Pentax XW 7, 10mm
Masuyama 85 degree 10mm
Edmunds Optics RKE 8, 15,28.
UO 12.5mm
Fujiyama 18, 25
TMB Planetary 11, 3.5,5,7.5, 9mm
Several Meade plossls, 14mm UWA
SvBony 8-24 zoom and another unbranded similar zoom.
Dual ED 15, 25mm
Tak 1.6Q extender, Bintel 2 inch quartz diagonal
Bintel 2X ED barlow, APM 2X ED barlow, Baader Q extender barlow

The core eyepieces that get used first are the APM 20XWA, Morpheus 17.5 and APM Hi FW 12.5. I find the Morpheus range slightly better than their Nagler counterparts due to comfort of view and pretty much matching or very slightly better sharpness/contrast and less susceptible to blackouts. Also 17.5mm matches my AP130 very well. But of course, Naglers are terrific eyepieces. Those 2 Pentax eyepieces are pretty perfect as well. Slightly touchy to eye placement is my only criticism.

I wouldn't mind adding Masuyama 16mm, 26mm but I would be better off getting a 12inch dob. A 22T4 Nagler would be nice as well. One of my memorable year ago eyepieces.

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