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I can't comment on the cam, or NINA, but SGP is a reasonable starting point software wise if he wants to automate focus, but APT is cheaper and in a lot of ways, easier to learn than SGP if he is going to focus manually. Focus control in SGP is/was better (APT may have changed in that regard since I moved on, focusing the SCT was an issue in APT due to the peculiarities of the SCT design, so I went to SGP which managed it reasonably well)

One thing to note if he is using an AZEQ6 from my experience with the Orion branded version, the clutch design is different to the EQ6 family and it makes balancing them differ.

Balancing the RA is tricky as the weight of the gear will make the clutch drag no matter what you do. I always weight it just delectably counterweight heavy as a result so at least I know what it is. Dec balancing needs a slightly different technique to a regular GEM where you rotate the RA to have the counterweight shaft horizontal. The RA needs to be rotated until it is slightly counterweights high to balance in Dec or the weight of the gear will make the Dec clutch drag as well.
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