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Originally Posted by frolinmod View Post
Josh, please tell us all about that declination counterweight device that you have hanging under your versaplate. It looks good.
Pete, please excuse me for a moment...

Hi Ernie, thanks for asking.

well the whole point of it was so i could use all 4 versa plate plungers to grip the CDK dovetail, because believe it or not, I found it to be much more stable when all 4 were working.

But when using all 4 plungers, the Dec axis was to rear end heavy, so i made up the simple contraption you see bolted to the underside of the front of the versa plate. It has a sliding weight on it to accommodate different equipment and 2 locking collars either side of the weight with a piece of rubber between the weight and each collar so things dont go clunk as i slew over the sky.

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