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Originally Posted by Joshua Bunn View Post
Hi Pete,

Congrats on the purchase.

1) you will need a third counter weight, im sure of it. 2 didnt do it for me.
2) I bought the PW supplied adapters for use with the stl11000. Simple, but im not using a rotator or MOAG.
5) I use the Hedrick focuser to rotate my gear, yes its manually done.

Just check the optical alignment of the scope when it arrives and if it looks good, then you can proceed to collimation using the stars.

The dew heaters on the mirrors is a neat addition.

Thanks Josh

I'll talk to Bintel about a new counterweight - I thought I'd need another. I'm told its a heavy beast

Having played around with the Precise Parts website parts builder, I think the PW adapters are the go. That said, I do have a spectroscope and it might be a bit more fiddly to manage

I didn't appreciate that you could rotate the focuser in that way - cool

The STL11k is the best option for me I know but the download speeds in mine are painfully slow so I was looking to the QSI as well. That said, the adapters for the QSI add up to almost double the STL.

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