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"Wahoo my first DSO"

Ok I had an hour tonight between entertaining the pommies to try out the SAC Mintron...I got it working earlier on today so I kind of new what I had to do...I just had to put it into practice from what I had read.

First impression's "Awesome"...I couldn't believe what I could see on the live view mode on my Computer screen.....OMG I was shocked....I couldn't get anything at all with my Toucam.....even though this is like a modded uncooled toucam with a bigger chip I was stunned....the pictures below are just live view single shot snaps at what I can see on my screen...I did process a few avi's of about 30-50 frames but didn't see a major difference so I kept the single shots so you can see exactly what I see on screen...amazing...I did 2 easy targets being Omega and Jewel Box...both of these are visible quite easily from my suburban home but with no where near the detail I can see on screen..the jewel box I can only see about 12 stars.....Omega I can see some detail but the rest is a smudge even through my C11..they say these camera's increase your scope aperture size 2 to 3 times...I believe it no doubt.

Sac mintron 1/2 CCD Monochrome uncooled chip 640 x 480 Resolution all pictures taken were on my C11 with 6.3 Focal reducer fl approx 1860mm unguided all single shots snaps of the screen except the one with a satellite trail.....they have been slightly cropped and jpeg for internet purposes..

Both pictures taken tonight between 7:00-7:30pm

It would make a great guide camera for those hard to see guide stars.

If anyone wants to see a short 3 second AVI of what you can actually see live on screen I have attached this link as well. 19MB amazing live video view...its a lot better then I ever thought it would have been...I could just sit back and watch live view all night and forget about eyepieces.

Download "Omeag avi" Rar file
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