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This is a Stellacam Ex, I have one as well. I didn't have any problems getting it to work though. Start by getting an image first so plug into power but don't connect it to the scope. Keep your hand or a cover over the end and see if you can get some light showing on the screen of your TV, I use a Cheap portable DVD player that my kids very kindly broke for me. It still works just doesn't like to play DVD's. The images appear on the LCD screen very clearly. If you can see some sort of change in light then the camera is working. Next step is "what do you want it for?". Do you want to connect it to a small monitor for public viewing or do you want to image with it?
If it is imaging you will need a laptop and a capture device. The laptop needs to be able to receive a composite video input. I use a DVD capture device I got from **** Smith that plugs into the USB port and cost me around $120.00. It includes the software to enable me to capture AVI's. Again, it was easy. I loaded the software according to instructions plugged the camera into the device and turned the software on and voila, there was a live image on the laptop. Give me some more detail of how you have it setup and I will see if we can debug your problem. Image of Jupiter attached taken with the Stellacam from last night.
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