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Originally Posted by The_bluester View Post
Were Jupiter and Saturn before or after the meridian when you tried to slew to Saturn (They are only about half an hour apart in RA at the moment so a reasonably set up mount could track Jupiter far enough to see Saturn on the west of the meridian) And what software are you using to control the mount? In EQMOD you can set mount limits to stop the mount beyond a certain hour angle.

I am wondering if both Jupiter and Saturn were past the meridian but you were still on the west of the pier when imaging Jupiter and the goto resulted in a flip that has had it hit something as the Dec axis moved.
Hi Paul,

I've been using Sharpcap in conjunction with Cartes de Ciel (Skycharts) has been working well . Using Ascom platform to tie things together. Its only a short scope being an 6" SCT and I also have a pier extension on the AZEQ6 so was a little surprised it happened. Have yet to try EQmod I've actually got the Starsense unit on my unit so using a Celestron Driver.

Just checked yes it looks like it was trying a Meridian Flip but I don't know why it hit still should be able to without hitting .? Maybe some of my settings wrong somewhere in software, I know location and time date etc are ok as they are from a GPS unit.

Appreciate the feedback
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