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Scope crashed into mount last night ?

Hi all,

Not sure what happened was imaging Jupiter which was almost directly overhead and looked pretty clear red spot and all.

So I thought I'd slew over to Saturn not far away and then i heard an almighty bang, went out and the scope was weights up and the scope was hard against the extension on my AZEQ6GT. Switched off checked all seemed ok. Tough old Meade 6"SCT.

Realigned and tried Mars but not very steady seeing only at 22deg over a house not ideal.

Anyway any ideas? I am remoting with a Intel NUC at the scope and using Microsoft Remote Desktop on my Mac to connect and control.

Capturing with Sharpcap Pro and using Cartes de Ciel (Skycharts as my Planetarium software all connected via Ascom.)

Appreciate any thoughts? a Meridian flip shouldn't go weights up ? Not really sure still learning lots.

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