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Hi Ray,

I thought as much but looking at your meathook image, what would the values of the yellow and blue stars at the bottom be?
Did you mask them at all?

Wonder if Mike can chime in, he uses the 694 like yourself but not sure if stars are masked during processing to preserve colour.
Same with Rolf's images.
Is it possible for the filter to influence this at all? Astronomiks mention equal combine ratios, but if that is the only advantage, I could apply g2v calibration values with my baader for close to equal values.
I measured the pixel values in maxim for calibrated rgb subs before processing and they were very high for 90sec sub's from dark skies. So don't really understsnd whats happening.

This image was a 10min lum and 90sec single rgb bin 1, with most stars saturated in unstretched subs.

I'll measure them again.

As for well depth, does this influence it at all? The 694 has a smaller well depth than the 8300 yet star colors seem to be preserved. Of course it varies a lot based on processing.

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