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CCDsoft and autodark for autoguider

I have been using CCDsoft.

I am using a Lodestar and it works better if you can use autodarks. But it can't do autodarks because it either does not have an electronic shutter which is controlled by CCDsoft or it does not have a mechanical shutter. As a result it simply will autodark out most of your guide star. It will still guide but its now more of a fiddly situation.

If I use a library dark, then select reduce under the image menu, then make sure the dark file is attached under select frame and same with bias it works when simply taking a full frame.

But when you click autoguide and the frame size becomes very cropped the darks and bias is no longer subtracted.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Is anyone using library darks with their autoguider in CCDsoft?

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