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Thanks for the response Glen. I thought that might be the case.

Without attaching the entire manual, the steps listed below are what is printed in the manual:

Precise Polar Alignment
Celestron’s All-Star Polar Alignment allows you to precisely
polar align your mount without using Polaris or a polar axis
finder. This software-assisted polar alignment allows you to
choose a convenient star.
Prerequisite: The CGX-L must first be aligned with a
Two Star, One Star, or Solar System Align.
1. Select a suitable bright star from the NexStar hand
control’s database. Slew the telescope to the star.
2. Press the ALIGN button. Select “Polar Align” then
“Align Mount” from the list.
3. The telescope will then re-slew to the alignment star
and ask you to center it in the eyepiece in order to
“sync” on the star. Press ENTER, center the star with
the arrow keys, then press ALIGN to sync on the star.
4. Press ENTER and the telescope will slew to the
position that the star should be if it were accurately
polar-aligned. At this point, do not use the hand
control to center the star.
5. Use the mount’s altitude and azimuth adjustments
to center the star in the eyepiece.
6. Press the ALIGN button.
The mount is now precisely polar aligned. You may
proceed to use the mount without a new go to alignment.

A search for "screw" and "knob" did not show any mention of loosening the 4 Socket Head Screws.
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