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CGX mount polar align question

Hi folks.

Time for a newbie question. When adjusting the Azimuth while polar aligning, the Azimuth Adjustment Knobs need to be used in an opposite manner. That is, loosen one, tighten the other. However, I've found that it's very difficult, that is, I encounter a lot of resistance in moving these knobs. I've checked the manual but there's nothing in there to suggest I'm doing anything wrong.

Do I need to loosen the 4 Socket Head Screws on the base-plate to be able to slightly rotate the base-plate on the head?

The Altitude Adjustment Knob has Altitude Lock Knobs. Is it the same sort of thing with Azimuth where I have to loosen these Socket Head Screws?

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but this wouldn't be the first time Celestron manuals are wrong or are lacking info.
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