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I sometimes use a FLI PDF focuser. It works well and mine does not flex even under heavy loads. Its about 25mm thick and it requries a FLI adapter with their V groove system on one side and a similar on the other. In my case it has on the camera side an adapter that fits in the PDF and then into the FLI filter wheel.

I have used it with a Tak BRC250, a Pentax lens and even a refractor although I now use Robofocus as they don't add weight to the focuser and work fine.

I forget if I got both or one from FLI but one is definitely from Ashley at Precise Parts in Miami. Typically his adapters cost about US$200-225 plus about $25 for mail. So you'll need to add a custom adapter like that plus a cheaper stock FLI one (probably around US$125).

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