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Listing ads on multiple for-sale sites

Hi all

Just looking at the IceTrade TOS, the line as it stands with respect to listing ads on auction sites could probably do with some clarification as there's been a bit of confusion over this rule from time to time, so I thought I'd clarify it here to start with to clear up any misunderstanding.

People often list their items for sale on IceTrade and other for-sale sites. This is completely normal and accepted.

Often the item is also listed on ebay as one of those for-sale sites. This is also normal and accepted.

As long as the seller honours the first buyer, if it is sold on IIS, and then de-lists it from the other sites or ebay (or vice versa).

What's not allowed, is simply linking to an ad on ebay, when listing your ad in the IceTrade Classifieds. Your ad must be listed in full on IceInSpace if you also list it on ebay or other for-sale sites.

If your for-sale ad is simply a link to another for-sale site (such as ebay), then your ad will be deleted.

Thanks and if you have any questions please let me know.
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