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Originally Posted by Drac0 View Post
Maybe, but there is a definite lack of information out there about it.

I have no problems using it with EQMOD using either the adapter or through the handset - it has the USB2B port but I just can't get it working when using that and I can't figure out why. Not important, I may figure it out eventually.

What baud rate are you using in the USB driver ?
If using a USB cable connection baud rate should be 115200
If using an EQ cable connection baud rate is 9600
Make sure you change it in device manager ( USB port ) as well as the Ascom window of EQMOD
I have 2 x EQ6-R mounts , one in Sydney ( USB2B connection) and one on the South Coast ( EQ connection with Shoestring cable ) I have to change baud rates when Iím at each site
Iíll attach my EQMOD and Stellarium procedures anyway
These replace the handcontroller ( handcontroller removed )
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