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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
EQMOD supports the EQM-35 pro mount , I just checked the EQMOD website
You may be able to connect your mount direct to a laptop with a USB2A to USB2B cable ( max 5m )
Then you could use Stellarium to navigate , Goto , track , guide etc....(Iíve used EQMOD and Stellarium for years with both a HEQ5 and EQ6-R mounts )

Does your mount have a USB2B port ( printer type USB port ) ?

Iíve just had a look at your mount and it looks like it doesnít have a USB connection on the motor control box , only the hand controller RJ45 port so you can remove the hand controller and replace it with an EQ Direct cable to your laptop and then control the mount from your laptop using EQMOD and your preferred planetarium or Nav software ( I use Stellarium)
I have the full procedure for EQMOD EQ Direct and Stellarium to control your mount
Let me know on all of the above
PS: You will not be using any of the Skywatcher apps or software to achieve the above method of control

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