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Perhaps the port has to be enabled in software or initialisation steps or the other PC port disabled or communication mode changed.

Maybe, but there is a definite lack of information out there about it.
EQMOD supports the EQM-35 pro mount , I just checked the EQMOD website
You may be able to connect your mount direct to a laptop with a USB2A to USB2B cable ( max 5m )
Then you could use Stellarium to navigate , Goto , track , guide etc....(Iíve used EQMOD and Stellarium for years with both a HEQ5 and EQ6-R mounts )

Does your mount have a USB2B port ( printer type USB port ) ?

I have no problems using it with EQMOD using either the adapter or through the handset - it has the USB2B port but I just can't get it working when using that and I can't figure out why. Not important, I may figure it out eventually.

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