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Heater Straps, GuideScope, Rings, Vixen Acc Plate

I’m cleaning out my cupboards :

Still Available
Vixen 70s Finder/ guide scope. This was the recommended guidescope by Terence Dixon and Alan Dyer in the Backyard Astronomers Guide. Sharp F6 Airspaced achromat 420mm. Has study and precise XY alignment system. Reduced from $220 to 180
2x Kendrick 7-8” heater straps (can fit 10”, but a few inches of circumference won’t be heated plus Scbl-4 temp Sensor $160
Kendrick Digifire 10 heater controller $200
Kendrick 2” heater $50
Red DN006 for 5” telescopes (15.75” element) Dew Not Heater Strip / strap $60
Get the lot for heating: four straps, 1 sensore and 1 controller - $400

Sold Small Rings – Orion guide scope rings 105 max inside. 80mm-100mm $65 at Bibtel - $30 plus $10 if posted
Sold Big Rings - 235mm clamped shut for nominal 230mm tube. Currently with felt stuck on. $85 at Bintel $40 plus $18 if posted
Sold Vixen Large accessory Plate ( AM-AD-3808 I think)with dovetail and two dovetail clamps – for mounting two scopes side by side. Very rigid. Its finish is showing its age – but works exactly as it should. $200
Make an offer if you think the price too high.
Pick up from Kew, Melbourne, I can drop in Geelong, or ask for postage if not specified.
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