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Aristarchus, Herodtus et Vallis Schr÷teri

Many thanks for the comments lads.

I've managed to pinch another couple of sketches over the last couple of weeks. The first is of one of the brightest features on the Moon, the screaming bright crater Aristarchus.

Just inside of the terminator, Aristarchus' western internal wall is an incredibly bright feature. Very textured too that needs careful inspection to make out as the brilliance of the illumination can cause the many fine details to be washed out.

The evening was particularly good. So many lacey rimae, or fissures, were traceable all around Aristarchus. Atlas's collectively call the cluster of fissures to the south Rimae Aristarchus (Rima being the singular).

Just to the west is the crater Herodtus which has just crept inside of the terminator. Flowing from the north of Herodtus is the extraodinary scar of Vallis Schr÷teri. This meandering fissure has an almost riverbed look to it. The illumination of the valley's wall switching sides as the meander changes direction. The width of the valley also varies.

This was an enjoyable sketch to do. Stable conditions made following details easy, and the network of fissures was a good challenge.

Object: Craters Aristarchus & Herodtus and Schr÷teri's Valley
Scope: Celestron C5, 5" SCT
Gear: Hyperion 5mm, 250X
Date: 4th Feb. 2012
Location: Sydney, Oz
Media: Charcoal, pastel & white ink on A5 size black paper
Time: 2hrs
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