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Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus & Arzachel et al.

Hi all,

On the 3'rd of December, a few of us mad dogs went up to Katoomba Airfield for a bit of a session. I managed to get one sketch done of the Moon with seeing conditions being really quite good that night. I used my little C5 this time, and I was amazed at the level of resolution that was possible that night.

I had my first go at the prominent trio during this phase of Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus & Arzchel. This trio lies very close to the terminator and almost dead centre of the Moon.

I was astounded at the amount of detail that could be seen. So many tiny craters within the three, and the highly textured crater walls.

The sketch took longer than normal, 2hrs this time, as there were a lot of folks up at the Airfield that night, so some time was dedicated to showing fellow astro-nuts what I was sketching and the view through the EP. A very pleasent evening actually, .

Object: craters Ptolemaues, Alphonsus and Arzachel
Scope: Celestron C5, 5" SCT
Gear: 6mm TMB Planetary Type II, 208X
Date: 3rd December, 2011
Location: Katoomba Airfield, NSW, Oz, approx 1015m elevation
Media: White pastel & black charcoal on A5 size paper.
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