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Originally Posted by Martin Pugh View Post
Hello again all

I am returning to this post, because I am about to buy a fixed focal length lens to go on to the ST8300 and/or the 550D.

I can see that 24mm or 50mm is the way to go for what I want to do, but there is this one intermedite lens - the 35mm f1.4L.

It kind of sits in the middle and would appear to be a good choice.

any comments or owners have a view?

It might be good to rent or borrow some of these to try first. They will all be capable of very sharp images at f2.8-4.

One problem I find at the very wide end is that star halos and chromatic aberration have a greater effect on the total image and as you lose the resolving ability bright star fields start losing the crisp appearance you can still get with a 50mm lens. The 35mm would certainly be better than the 24mm in these respects, but I'd still be more tempted by the 50mm depending on your goals.

Creating mosaics out of frames with the 24/35 also very difficult due to sky gradients but certainly possible with the 50.

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