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2 Lunar 'X's !!!

Hello everyone,

Tonight was the first chance I’ve had to use a scope productively for some two months. Sky was crystal clear, and a beautiful first quarter Moon was beckoning.

After a little amming and ahhing on what to select to sketch, I chanced upon a feature that resembled the famous ‘Lunar X’. This was a feature I’ve been dying to not only see but to have a crack at sketching as it is a short lived feature of some three hours before it is rendered unrecognisable by the rising sun over the lunar surface. This feature looked oddly “squashed” from the pictures I had seen of it, but just took it for the way it was.

As I started finishing of the sketch with just outlines of surrounding craters, ANOTHER Lunar X appeared! I grabbed my lunar map and noted the surrounding craters to these two features to help me identify between the Real McCoy & the imposter.

As it turns out the imposter is the feature I originally deemed as the true Lunar X, with the real one a lucky chance find.

The first picture is of the plain sketch. The second has the respective “X”s and surrounding craters noted.


Object: “2 Lunar ‘X’s”
Scope: Celestron C8
Gear: 9mm TMB Type II Planetary EP, 222X
Date: 4th October 2011
Location: Sydney, Australia
Media: White and black charcoal on A5 size black paper.
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