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You would reckon they would just use a common thread.

I am trying to get a really nice refractor lined up, but if I can't get it to fall in to place I am still tempted by the RASA 8, possibly even with a full frame OSC camera like the new ASI6200, the stars might be wonky and vignetting might be well in play by the corners but it would allow imaging without ever having to rotate the camera, just crop to suit the largest frame before abberations became obvious, in any orientation you want.

But my previous experience says that a UV-IR filter is quite valuable for keeping reflections at bay with at least some of the OSC cams but I don't see the point of notching out the common LP wavelengths as the Celestron filter would for my application as I am in a decently dark area. Just a nice lum filter would be the ticket.
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