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Question for RASA 8 owners

I have very nearly completely written the idea of a RASA 8 off and was going with a high quality frac (Albeit much much slower)

On the other hand I am stalled at waiting for a quote inclusive of shipping for the scope I had settled on and have been for a couple of weeks, the RASA being available retail in Aus starts to look more attractive again.

Can anyone with a RASA 8" confirm what the thread of the optical window or LPR filter is? The dimensions in the RASA spec sheet suggest it might be a standard M48 thread but I have not seen it written down anywhere. Previous experience with my camera on a variety of scopes says that a filter limiting the bandpass into the visible spectrum is essential to control reflections but I am not in a noticably light polluted area and taking chunks out of the spectrum around sodium, mecury vapour lights etc would be less attractive if it could be just a straight cut at the IR and UV ends with everything else passed through.
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