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Originally Posted by PRejto View Post
Hi Marc,

I don't doubt what you said re SBIG vs SX AO. But, my idea wasn't necessarily to improve on any mount errors per se, but to avoid using the mount motors to provide guiding corrections. Wouldn't AO offer superior and much faster and smoother corrections regardless of brand? If the goal was to say avoid drifting a few pix over 10-15 min wouldn't AO have a better chance of doing this more smoothly than the mount?

AO is another component in the imaging train interfering with the light path. In the case of the SX AO a 10mm thick piece of glass. Better straight light than some other surface to go through if you have a top mount and can help it. That's where I'm coming from. Less is more.

The AO will do very fast corrections but if you have a consistent drift you should sort that out first. When the star goes out of range of the AO the mount is bumped to re-center the system.
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