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We had a fabulously clear sky here last night and I was fortunate to be able to view the Callisto moon and shadow transit once Jupiter had reached a reasonable elevation.
Callisto was at about mid transit and presented as a tiny dark disc standing out against the bright Jupiter surface. The shadow was a sharp black spot preceding Callisto as they transited across the face of Jupiter. The background detail on Jupiter was stunning.
I spent time at the eyepiece watching the shadow approach Jupiterís limb, touch the limb and then form a notch in the limb. This notch slowly reduced and then disappeared. I tried for the same with Callisto but it became very difficult to see as it got very close to the limb. I could clearly see Callisto emerge from the limb as a small bright bulge. Eventually there was separation and the event was over.
This event has been a missing piece in my Jupiter observations. I have now seen all four moon+shadow transit events at last!
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