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Originally Posted by Gama View Post
Why would "relative" be useless ?.
Anything referencing a relative value is to a reference, which manufacturers state in their Data sheets, so i think you are confusing this with something else.

Theo, I have numerous Sony CCD data sheets, and they are all the same.

Sony oddly state the spectral sensitivity of the devices in relative QE terms for the device rather than absolute QE referenced to a flux source.

Telling me that the green sensitivity is 30% better than the blue really doesn't help when trying to work out how the device stacks up in H-alpha or against other sensors, be they Kodak, Marconi, Thompson, Fairchild or whatever.

This is not say the Sony chips are poor in any way, but their "official" spec documentation is cryptic and you have yet to provide a specific web link to a absolute Sony QE curve..... can I take it because there isn't one?
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