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Originally Posted by Finbar View Post
Yes. Diagnosed last year (2020), aged 58. Family history suggested prostate cancer was a matter of when, not if; the GP had abandoned the indignity of the largely useless prod, which even late in my process indicated no more than age-related enlargement.

No symptoms, but a jump in PSA led to urologist in May 2020; ultrasound and MRI showed nothing but a very minor looking feature that may have been nothing. Next PSA still too high, so biopsy in October: cancer in all 6 sectors, with old Gleeson scale 7 heading toward 8. The whole thing was going off and action was needed. Preparatory pelvic floor exercises commenced immediately. PET scan revealed no visible escape. Talked with oncologist too, but taking all factors into consideration the team and I agreed November that surgery was my best option; robotic assisted. The extent within the prostate meant nerve saving could not be guaranteed; I'm celibate, no one else to please, so get on with it, said I. Surgery mid-December, with the most serious disappointment of not being able to witness Jupiter and Saturn passing as planned for 2 years! Damn, that hurt.

For a few weeks the telescopes were too heavy to set up, limiting star gazing to binoculars on the all too rare clear nights. Six months later, recovery excellent, PSA next to 0, but, without surprise, no return of former function. Well, c'est le vie, living being the operative word, and now enjoying the newly discovered joys of binoviewing.
So long as you are living mate then function can still return and there are new nerve grafts that are being experimented with promising results.
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