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Paramount MyT with Tripod + Skywatcher 100mm Triplet + ZWO ASI 1600MM

***Price reduction on all gear + Paramount***

Selling my complete astrophotography setup as a result of limited to no use - life has gotten in they way as they would say.

Kit is virtually brand new and in perfect working order. The gear has never been out on the field.

Most items including the mount, telescope, camera and focuser have original boxing.

Opportunity for you to get into the market with a virtually new scope at lower cost.

Kit includes:
- Paramount MyT Mount
- Paramount MyT Tripod
- Skywatcher Esprit 100mm Triplet Super APO
- ZWO 1600mm Pro Cooled with filterwheel, astronomic LRGB and H-Alpha 6nm
- Micro Touch Focusing System with Focuser Boss 2 electronic focusing control and 3 inch focuser (travel + brake)
- Kendrick Premium Heater, Due Shield with all the extras
- 3 Batteries (For the heater, mount and camera)
- Wiring for power set up

A lot more included, but not mentioned here.

Set up and ready to go. All you need to do is plug your laptop in and start taking images.

Kit RRP around $26,000. Willing to let it all go for $19,800.

Willing to separate components as follows:
- MYT Mount and Tripod $11,900.00 not negotiable
- MYT Mount Standalone - $10,500.00 not negotiable.
- Tripod standalone - $1,600 not negotiable.
- ZWO ASI1600MM Pro Cooled with Astronomic L-RGB and H-Alpha Filters + Filter Wheel - $2,100.00 Not negotiable.
- ZWO ASI1600MM Pro Cooled - $1,650.00 not negotiable
- ZWO EFWmini Filter Wheel - $150 not negotiable
- Astronomic L-RGB - 1.25in - $300 not negotiable
- Astronomic H-aplha - 1.25in - $200 not negotiable
- Skywatcher Esprit 100mm Triplet - $2,950 not negotiable
- Microtouch Focusing Sytem for Esprit 100mm - $2,500.00 not negotiable

Happy to discuss with serious buyers in more detail over email or phone.
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