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Originally Posted by Joshua Bunn View Post
Thanks Stefan.

So your colimation screws have a grip on the secondary backplate rather than just pushing on it, allowingboth spacing adjustment and push/pull collimation adjustment?
Regards Joshua
There are two backplates with a nominal 1mm gap between them. One plate caries the secondary mirror and the secondary baffle, and the other one is attached to the linear bearings of the focusing mechanism. The second plate carries the adjusting push screws, the secondary heater and the temperature sensor. There are three spring loaded pull screws that go through the second plate and engage the first one. The 1mm gap can be changed with the collimation screws for tweaking mirror separation.
In the new version, with RP focuser, the second plate will be bolted to the spider hub with 2mm spacers to simulate the midrange of the no longer used secondary focusing mechanism.

Originally Posted by TrevorW View Post
Such as it is why not forego making a focuser thereby people have the option to attach their own preferred focuser
I will be able to offer a cheaper version OTA with no focuser, for those who want to use their own, as well as the full plug and play version.
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