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New equipment?

a bit of a preamble:

I have posted before that I'm reducing my equipment due to the crappy skies where I live in Geelong. For a time, my partner and I, considered buying a place in the country with some dark skies, but after some soul searching I have decided that due to health (heart attack, bypass surgery etc) that it is better to be close to services etc - never underestimate how good it is to have a MICA paramedic get to you in 5 minutes flat!!! I have now dismantled my observatory, sold my mono QHY9, and will almost certainly sell my pride and joy Mesu 200, as I have nowhere to put it, and will be unlikely ever to have a place for it in the future. I'll also probably sell my 12" f5 newt. I've converted my 8" newt to a dob for visual with Argo, and I will keep my Esprit 100 for the occasional dabble with my HEQ5 - these last 2 are about as big as I can now handle in my weakened state.

My question is, for the occasional dabble in AP what would be recommended for some 1 meter or above focal length imaging (bright planetaries that can defy light pollution) and which could be handled by my HEQ5 (Rowan modded, PE +/- 6 arc secs total) - 8" cf RC? VC200L? any others? Stuff that is not too heavy.

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