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I may be able to help here:

1. Sony A7r series - star eater effect but its minor. Very sensitive and low noise.

2. Sony A7iii perhaps the best Sony for astro at the moment.

3. Canon EOS R mirrorless - very good. Slightly higher noise than the Sony but that does not matter if you take several images and stack them which is the best technique for any camera. Better ergonomics and the RF mount allows access to the latest Canon lenses which tend to be better than their EF counterparts.

4. Nikon Z6 - very good, much like the Sony A7iii but without the destructive star eater. There is some slight issue, not sure what, but its probably difficulties with flat fielding. You'd need to research.

5. Z7 had some issue. It may have had some star eating of its own. Odd coloured stars.

6. Fuji X cameras. Also very good but now its APSc and they also end up with some odd star colours.

Basically Canon does not monkey with star colours and most of the other brands do with some exceptions so would have to research each particular model.

So I would say the Canon EOS R is the current king. DSLRs are heavier and not always with a tilting LCD screen (an essential) or a touch screen - a nicety.

Canon 6D and 6D are popular. Nikon D750 is well known as good and D5300 is good.


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