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Hi Peter

There has been lots of good advise so far but Ill throw in my 2 cents.

If you wanted to keep using the SA then I would keep using the lens you have and look at getting a guide setup, that would extend your subs out to 5 minutes or more and would get you sorted with polar alignment in a few mins.

Keep in mind that as you get longer focal lengths then your subs will need to be shorter to stop stars trailing in your images, even with autoguiding, you will hit the limit quicker.

Also keep in mind that the ed100 would be pushing the payload of the little SA pretty close to the limit, I know its rated for 5kg and the scope and camera are 5kg but have you factored in all the other bits like the finder and the FF/FR (mine is almost 300+ grams). Plus you have the length of the scope working against you as well adding a twisting force to the mount.

Personally, I went with the Skywatcher Evostar 72ed with a FF/FR and autoguider and its been great, I can get 5 minute subs consistently with very little throw away.

If I had a $1k to spend, I would get autoguiding and get the most out of your SA. Upgrading to a HEQ5 is a great idea but a bit more expensive and you are going to want to get an autoguider eventually anyway.
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