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Regards setting the limits, it is best to do them yourself rather than copy someone elses. If you turn them on the default settings will stop it at the meridian pointed from either side which should be safe, it will also stop slews that will point below the horizon.

You need to update the limits with real pointing, so if the scope is on the west side of the pier pointed east the mount limits will stop it at the meridian, you then slew 5 or 10 minutes or so to the west of the meridian manually (Depending on your setup) and update that limit, then you need to ask it to point say 15 minutes west of the meridian (Which should make it flip so the scope is on the east of the pier, pointing west) and manually slew it back some minutes east of the meridian to set that limit.

Pointed at the meridian is generally safe but I set mine up with a bit of extra pointing range as my setup does automated flips and I have seen it hit the limit and stop itself in the middle of a flip, which is a bit irritating if you expect 6 hours of data for the night and get about three as it has gotten scared and stopped mid flip.
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