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A quick check to make sure it is tracking, and you can do this in daylight. Point the scope east and horizontal (So nothing will hit the tripod for a good long while, but make sure it is pointed nowhere near the sun) and turn on tracking in EQMOD. Give it half an hour and it should have moved visibly.

I did set off an imaging run last week when my polar align I thought was close, and left the scope for a little while to do its thing, on my return I found the tube against the pier whilst guiding
How far from the pier was it to start with and how long were you away? Just trying to work out if it was normal tracking that has put it up against the pier. Doing damage or not could depend on how tight the RA clutch was, being the difference between the clutch slipping or stalling the motor.

Either way, have you got mount limits turned on in EQMOD? It is worth doing. Mine stops the mount about 20 minutes after the meridian which gives me about half an hour worth of clearance to the tripod leg at the least favourable Dec. Same on the other side so it wont point more than about 20 minutes to the east with the scope on the west of the pier, likewise it limits at the horizon though that is not much of an issue.
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