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Originally Posted by [1ponders] View Post
Thanks for the idea Marc. With the problems we've had with humidity lately I'm going to build a sealed cupboard to keep optics and cameras in the keep closet camels in there and change them regularly. Heating it may even be an option. Its not just cameras that are suffering atm. Even though its always sealed with something in the focuser, my WO 72 has fungus starting on the inside of the lens. Its not been very good weather anywhere lately for astronomy gear.
Hi Paul

Ouch re the WO fungus, that is most unwelcome news indeed and I feel your pain!

I relocated all my optical stuff into the spare room and use a dehumidifier throughout our humid summer months to keep the room at around 60-65% which if I use my camera and astronomy gear on a regular basis, seems to keep the fungus at bay.

I recently started keeping my EM200 in the room as I noticed fungus appearing on the reticule of the Polar Alignment Scope.

The water container in the dehumidifier has a capacity of 12 litres and during the worst days of the season, it can almost fill up in a couple of days.

Good luck – it is a battle worth fighting given the cost of our gear.



EDIT: Here is a link to a dehumidifier similar to the one we have:

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