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Hi Terry, yes I do use the dummy plug when baking normally. I'm hoping this technique of leaving it sealed in the bag with the plug chamber open and with the closet camel in there will take care of any remaining moisture in the chamber and circuit boards. I'll leave it in the bag with the camel for a few days to make sure.

I've had the cover off a number of times over the past few days. There have been shadows and marks on images that could only have come from the chip itself. I've cleaned the chip and I've also smeared the large O ring with a very light smear of supa-lube to help seal the chamber.

I've also noticed at the bottom of the desiccant plug chamber there is some sort of white soft sealant (?) around the the junction of the walls and base of the plug chamber. I've re-smeared this sealant around the junctions to make sure they're well covered.

Thanks for the idea Marc. With the problems we've had with humidity lately I'm going to build a sealed cupboard to keep optics and cameras in the keep closet camels in there and change them regularly. Heating it may even be an option. Its not just cameras that are suffering atm. Even though its always sealed with something in the focuser, my WO 72 has fungus starting on the inside of the lens. Its not been very good weather anywhere lately for astronomy gear.
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