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I would suggest a better method, and its what i do when ever i crack open a CCD chamber seal.

Grab a large plastic Zip lock back, large enough to be able to manipulate the parts from the outside.

Next place the camera with the chamber open (CCD Exposed), and any other parts needed to seal the camera inside the bag also.
Then Remove as much air as possible by Sqeezing out all the air.
Next, go visit a Panel beater (Car Crash repairers) or someone that has a Mig Welder, give them 5 or 10 bucks, and get them to fill the bag with Argon (Used with Mig welders). To do this, open up the bag slightly, just enough to get the nozzle inside the bag, then get him to fill the bag up, and allow it to overflow (Bag expands to max) for a few seconds. To help remove the little air left inside, sqeeze the bag a few times to push out the air/argon mix already inside.
Then make sure to only fill it to 1/3 and no more, then reseal it by zipping it tight again.
The reason for only 1/3 filled, is so you can grab/handle the bits inside the bag to reseal your camera.
Once its all sealed up, thats it. Your camera is now Argon charged, and will help heaps.
Its not just the Sbigs that have this common issue. So there is quite a bit of info out there about remedies..
But my method is the best way to gas fill your camera.

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