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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
I was thinking I might try SkySafari SynScanLink on my iOS device. Then changed my mind. I have found that the Android version of SynScan Pro disconnects when in the background after about 10 minutes. SkySafari burbles to tell you it's disconnected.

However, I find the iOS version of SynScan Pro simply doesn't work. It will either slew to a completely wrong part of the sky, or will keep slewing after you take your finger off the the "button". Or performing a 2 Star Alignment is beyond it's ken. Or objects disappear from the catalog. Apparently Jupiter stopped existing during the week.

The Android version works when it's connected. Humph.

I miss my LX-90. The Autostar just worked. Never had a problem with it. The V3 SynScan Handset is better than the WiFi dongle as far as stability, but is far clunkier to use. I seem to spend more time fiddling with gizmos and trying to get the mount aligned than I do observing.
Why you have a disconnection issue is you got to turn off
battery optimizing on Android, when using skysafari, synscan app or any other app you wish to use besides these. Need to go into battery optimization settings on phone
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