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Michael, thanks. No, I use the Skywatcher SynScan dongle exclusively. Original EQ6.

I have found that alignments, and general functionality, work great with the Android version of the SynScan app. However, when it's in the background while using SkySafari, it disconnects from the dongle after a while.

The iOS version of the SynScan app is unpredictable, often slews uncontrollably, can't perform an alignment, and objects disappear from the catalogue. This is using an iPhone 11.

I tested the SynScanLink function with SkySafari on my iPad this morning. It was still connected and would control the EQ6 after 50 minutes without any user input in between. That is a very good result. I now need to test the SynScan app functionality on my iPad as well.
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