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I was thinking I might try SkySafari SynScanLink on my iOS device. Then changed my mind. I have found that the Android version of SynScan Pro disconnects when in the background after about 10 minutes. SkySafari burbles to tell you it's disconnected.

However, I find the iOS version of SynScan Pro simply doesn't work. It will either slew to a completely wrong part of the sky, or will keep slewing after you take your finger off the the "button". Or performing a 2 Star Alignment is beyond it's ken. Or objects disappear from the catalog. Apparently Jupiter stopped existing during the week.

The Android version works when it's connected. Humph.

I miss my LX-90. The Autostar just worked. Never had a problem with it. The V3 SynScan Handset is better than the WiFi dongle as far as stability, but is far clunkier to use. I seem to spend more time fiddling with gizmos and trying to get the mount aligned than I do observing.
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