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Kstars device support - HEQ5?

Hi all,

I've done a search through the site (and the Ekos / IndiLib sites, too) and can't find a conclusive answer to my question.

I have just bought an HEQ5 mount (Yay! Shiny! ) and am looking to the future when everything will be semi-automated and controlled by a computer. I'm not a Windows user, so am planning to drive everything through Kstars on a Linux device.

The SynScan controller has a USB port and 'PC Direct' mode, which, according to my reading of the manual allows computer control with only a USB cable and NOT an EQDirect cable. Is this correct?

Secondly, I am also looking towards auto-guiding. The SVBony SV905C camera and 30mm guidescope looks quite appealing. Similarly, will Kstars/Ekos be able use this camera? (There are some forum post in the IndiLib site, but they are inconclusive.)

Many thanks,
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