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Where to go from here

So I have been interested in Astrophotography for sometime now, and have been shooting widefield nightscapes for around 3-4 years now but its pretty clear to me that I am definitely heading towards more serious telescope based astrophotography.

So far my kit for astro includes;
Canon 6D
Samyang 14mm
Sigma 70-200 (2.8)
Sigma 24-70 (2.8)
Canon 40mm Pancake Lense
Skywatcher Star Adventurer w/ EQ Wedge, Ball head Adapter, Tripod.

I am really considering shedding some gear to buy myself a good starter scope, or, If i can manage, a small light OTA that I can mount onto the Star adventure with the DSLR.

What I really feel is that I am in a bit of a fork in the road, but i figure a good intermediate step would be a small OTA, either that or completely getting rid of the Star adventurer and just getting myself a good EQ Mount, that way I can upgrade to a scope later on. Sadly, money is a big limiting factor, especially with this hobby.

Any wisdom from more seasoned astro veterans would be kindly appreciated, and if somebody has found themselves in this position yourself, what would you personally recommend?
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