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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post
Less than 10microns tilt? That's pretty decent.
Would be interested to see your next test, esp the backlash as it seems the EAFs are known to have. I'm guessing the issue is usually inside the EAF. But new AF overshoot algorithms seem to have a way of working around that anyway.

I like the look of that focuser - it's so neat and nicely integrated with the EAF. Especially with the new EAF where it's USB powered only.
Thanks for the nice comments.
I did the load test today, but I ran out of time to properly determine the backlash.
The EAF had no trouble lifting one of the EQ6 counterweights that is a bit over 5kg.
Under that loading most of the backlash was taken out by the load, but still there was some hysteresis that I was able to control with a backlash compensation of about 4 steps.
The step size measured with the dial indicator is about 4 microns.

Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
That looks pretty neat Stefan.
Thanks Marc.
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