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Originally Posted by Stefan Buda View Post
I measured a tilt of less than 10 microns over a 60mm diameter and I think it would be unrealistic to expect anything better.
Next I will test backlash and lift capacity.
Rigidity is determined by the thickness of the two sleeves and the spacing of the bearings. To make it any stiffer, I would have to make it longer or to make it out of titanium.
The clear aperture is 50.
Less than 10microns tilt? That's pretty decent.

Would be interested to see your next test, esp the backlash as it seems the EAFs are known to have. I'm guessing the issue is usually inside the EAF. But new AF overshoot algorithms seem to have a way of working around that anyway.

I like the look of that focuser - it's so neat and nicely integrated with the EAF. Especially with the new EAF where it's USB powered only.
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