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Originally Posted by DamienB View Post
Timely post as I was about to post a question on do we need a Dew heater? It makes sense to me for those in really cold environments, a lot of the youtubers do it in the snow etc. But I'm in Adelaide.... the coldest it's got is down to 11 degrees so far and I sure as heck won't be out there imaging.

I do alot of imaging in the summer/spring etc and I question if I really need a dew heater?

For Newtonians and smaller refractors it may not be so problematic, but for my 8inch sct I will get dew even in the summer. Itís all about the dew point which depends on humidity- so if itís humid in summer and thereís a temp droip of more than approx 7-8degrees I get problems. So for example I had my scope up in qld last month and had evenings about 26degrees but things were getting really really wet by about 9pm when the temp dropped to approx 18degrees.

The only time the dew will stay away for sure is if itís windy... but itís easier to deal with the dew IMHO!
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