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Detected my first (previously known) Exoplanet!

Last night I detected my first (previously known) exoplanet! I did this by the tried-and-true transit method.

The exoplanet I chose is called WASP-19b, it is located around 880 LY away in the constellation Vela. It is a Jupiter-sized planet with an orbital period (year) of less than 19 earth-hours!

Definitely room for improvement of the data quality, would probably better to have a higher focal length than my current 420mm. Still very happy, didn't know whether it would work at all, I was overjoyed when I plotted the data and saw the dip!

Multi-aperture photometry measurements made in AstroImage J, and model fitting performed on Exoplanet Transit Database online light curve model-fitting tool.

SharpStar HNTF2.8 420mm
NEQ6 Pro
Optolong Luminance filter

300*30s (gain: 50),-15C, bin1x1
L filter
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