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Originally Posted by PKay View Post
Hi M, thanx mate.

Might take you up on that.
Will have a look at the ST forum, I guess you have the same uname?
Glad to help where I can (Remember I only use a OSC but the post processing is very similar )
Yep, user name is the same in Startools forum
Looking at your image again on my larger Desktop PC , one observation I noticed straight away from this Startools processed image and that is your image background ( stretch ) is excellent, no black clipping at all ( Startools won’t allow you to clip ) and fine detail in the galaxy and across the Star field is evident , whereas your previous images masked a lot of detail and smaller stars due to black clipping
If the data is well captured then Startools will optimise the detail without sacrificing dynamic range
I think your going to love Startools once you get your head around it

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